Since the outbreak of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1978, an air of misunderstanding evolved between the new Iranian cultural values and the prevailing attitudes in the West. This made it a daunting task for foreign companies to investigate into the Iranian market and utilise numerous opportunities available in the development projects. In the circumstances, it was not easy to clearly recognise Iranian legal environment needed by foreign ventures as a pre-requisite for an informed decision.

  With the back-up of 38 years of pre and post Revolution experience, Alavi & Associates have managed to assist quite a large number of foreign companies in overcoming such difficulties and start doing fruitful businesses in Iran. We are, therefore, in an excellent position to define legal parameters for those willing to take part in a healthy business activity in Iran and are currently engaged in every business-related legal matter with particular emphasis on:

  •  Corporate law
  •  Joint venture and joint stock company formation
  •  branch office registration
  •  Advice on tax liabilities and insurance
  •  Contract documentation
  •  Legal and commercial risks and liabilities
  •  Arbitration
  •  Legal representation before administrative and court instances

  •   Our approach, with an effective orientation towards business and industrial activities, is practical and commercial and to this effect we have forged close links with entities involved in industry, both locally and internationally. We take care of our clients through intimate and small offices and offer especially tailored service with a personal touch.